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Super Steel Shot & Grit

Super Steel is a versatile and durable abrasive. Shot is manufactured by melting down high-quality steel scrap. The molten steel is poured in streams through high-pressure water jets, which break the stream into individual shots. The shots are reheated, refined and tempered to a martensitic structure, providing exceptional consistency, density and hardness. The shots are then screened into grades suitable for a wide variety of applications in accordance with industry standards.

Grit is produced by crushing steel shot to granular form, which is then tempered to specific hardness for a range of applications. Like Shot, Grit is screened for different grades of size and/or hardness, providing uniformity and long-lasting performance.

Whether using Shot or Grit, Super Steel offers a powerful, highly durable and reusable abrasive ideal for compressed air, recovery blast-room use. Super Steel abrasives are most often used in heavy steel and foundry applications, from de-sanding and cleaning foundry castings to descaling metal sheet, billets and profiles produced by the steel industry. They can also be used for surface preparation prior to coating, as well as for special applications such as shot peening, granite cutting and ballast (talk to us about the requirements of your special application).

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