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Super Steel Shot

Super Steel Shot is exceptionally durable – due to its low friability, the impact of blasting actually further tempers the shot so that its hardness increases over time, allowing the media to deliver consistent, repeatable performance over thousands of cycles. As produced, our Super Steel Shot has a hardness of 40-50HRC. And thanks to its extremely low breakdown rate, virtually no dust is produced.

Delivering high-impact energy and fast cleaning rates, Super Steel Shot is used to for heavy scouring and to produce very bright finishes.

Steel Shot Photo

Advantages of Super Steel Shot

  • 200 to 1000 times recyclable, depending on hardness, velocity, type of job and carry out losses
  • Versatile - can be used on Wheel Blast Machines and Pressure Operated Blast Systems
  • High Density and strength for fast blast rate and low dust
  • Super Steel Shot is manufactured according to the International Standards SAE J444 and SAE

Available Sizes (according to SAE J444 specs):

S110 S170 S230 S280 S330 S390 S460 S550 S660 S780

Technical Specifications

Symbol Percetage
C 0.85 - 1.20%
Mn 0.60 - 1.20%
Si 0.50 - 1.20%
S < 0.05%
P < 0.05%


Bulk Density: >7.2g/cm3
Grain Shape: Round
Microstructure: Homogeneous tempered Martensite and Baintite
Hardness: 40-50HRC (see our hardness index)


  • In 55lb bags; 2200 lb sacs; Steel drums.


Super Steel Shot

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