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Blast Cleaning Abrasives

Abrasives are used in an enormous variety of blast cleaning applications, from architectural restoration to marine hull cleaning.

Opta Minerals offers the most comprehensive line of blast cleaning abrasives and grades in North America. All the abrasives we offer for blast cleaning are considered "silica free" (max. < 1%), greatly reducing the health risk to operators*.

Our abrasives are also used for polishing, finishing, grinding, de-burring, peening and even filtration. Our qualified team of salespeople will be very pleased to help you determine the right abrasive and grade to suit the particular requirements of your job.

To order any of our Blast Cleaning abrasives, simply contact Opta Minerals or an Opta Minerals distribution agent (Canada or U.S.A.) near you.

*Safe workplace protocols should always be observed when handling, using or disposing of any blasting media.

Blackblast - Coal Slag

Blackblast Coal Slag Photo

Blackblast is made from coal slag, a by-product of coal-fired power plants. Blackblast is an aluminum silicate blast cleaning abrasive. more...

Ebonygrit - Copper Slag

Ebony Grit Copper Slag Photo

Ebonygrit is a disposable high-density blasting slag made from a by-product of copper production. more...

Ultrablast - Nickel Slag

Ultrablast-Nickel Slag Product Photo

Ultrablast is a high-density disposable blasting slag made from a by-product of nickel production. It is an ideal abrasive for general-purpose use, including shipyards, bridges and general industrial blast cleaning. more...

Powerblast XC - Staurolite

Powerblast Staurolite Photo

Powerblast XC is a staurolite containing less than 1% crystalline silica. It’s hardness and fine grain size make it ideal for new steel and mill scale removal, or any general blasting application with low to average surface profile requirements. more...

Aluminum Oxide

Alminum Oxide Photo

Aluminum oxide is the 2nd hardest mineral after diamond.
Aluminum Oxide is fused in an electric arc furnace by high temperature. The resulting oxide is over 95% Al2O3. Aluminum oxide abrasive grains are made for maximum toughness and hardness to provide superior performance in blasting. more...

Corn Cob

Corn Cob Photo

Corn Cob Abrasive is a low-density granular product made from the hard woody ring of a corn cob. This organic product is an accurately screened and air-washed non-toxic media, and can be used both as absorbent and abrasive. Corn Cob Abrasive is used to de-burr, burnish, de-flash and polish a wide variety of products. more...

Greengrit - Crushed glass

Crushed Glass Photo

Greengrit is a medium-density crushed glass grit made from 100% post-consumer recycled glass. It is crushed, cleaned, sized and packaged to provide the ideal blast media for many applications. more...

Chilled Iron Grit

Chilled Iron Grit Photo

Chilled Iron Grit is produced from carefully selected alloy-free iron scrap that is re-carbonized in a hot blast furnace.
Chilled Iron Grit is a white iron structure that shatters on impact rather than wearing round. The fresh edges exposed by this process, combined with a high degree of hardness, result in a faster cutting/cleaning action. more...

Glass Bead

Glass Bead Photo

Glass bead blasting produces a clean, bright, satin finish, without dimensional change of the parts. Available in a wide range of sizes, glass beads are primarily used in blasting cabinets for honing, polishing, peening, blending, finishing, removing light burrs and cleaning most light foreign matter. more...

International GARNET

International Garnet Photo

International Garnet is mined as a by-product in a mineral mining process.

International Garnet is an approved US Navy product listed on the QPL (Qualified Product Listing), and, best of all, is made right here in America.



Garnet Photo

Garnet is a semi-precious stone and their natural properties make it an efficient abrasive for blast cleaning applications.
The combination of the high density and physical properties make it perhaps nature’s best abrasive for dry or wet blasting applications.
There are many reasons to consider GARNET for your blasting job. more...

Super Steel Shot & Grit

Steel Shot Photo

Steel Grit Photo

When the scouring power of shot isn’t enough, the sharp, angular structure of Stainless Steel Grit offers the raw cutting power to clean even the most baked-on foundry casting, with many of the same benefits as Stainless Steel Shot. more...

Sodium Bicarbonate (Soda Blasting)

Soda is a crystalline structured abrasive, white in colour but often appears as a fine powder. This inorganic compound is high in purity allowing it to have an angular particle shape. The abrasive is extremely soft, with a Mohs hardness of 2.5. It is water soluble and a non-sparking abrasive. more...

Plastic Media

Plastic Media Photo

Plastic Media is a non-aggressive granulated plastic abrasive for use in applications where the underlying substrate cannot be damaged.
Cleaning with Plastic Media is a fast, environmentally sound and cost-effective alternative to traditional chemical and hand stripping. more...

Walnut Shells

Walnut Shells Photo

Walnut Shell abrasive is a hard and fibrous product made from crushed walnut shell in accordance with International Trade Standard. It is the most common type of soft abrasive for industrial use. Walnut Shell has excellent durability and is now widely used to blast clean and polish soft metals, glass, fiberglass, wood, plastic and stone. more...