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Tungsten Carbide Lined Angle CAM Series

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Tungsten Carbide Lined Angle CAM Series

A CAM angle nozzle is designed to blast blind surfaces such as mold cavities or behind beams. Tungsten Carbide lined, the nozzles are available in one or three outlets.

Description of Operation

The operator inserts the included nozzle washer into a nozzle holder and screws in the nozzle, turning it by hand, until it seats firmly against the washer.

With all related equipment correctly assembled and tested, the operator points the angle nozzle at the surface to be cleaned and presses the remote control handle to begin blasting. The operator holds the nozzle 18 to 36 inches from the surface and moves it smoothly at a rate that produces the desired cleanliness. Each pass should overlap slightly.

The operator must replace the nozzle once the orifice wears 1/16-inch beyond its original size.


  • Tungsten Carbide is the most rugged and durable liner materal and provides the best value.
  • Has a 45 degree outlet angle and is available in one or three outlets.
  • 1-inch entry provides smooth transition

Replacement Parts

NW-3 Nozzle Washers
(Pkg of 10)..............................21583

Nozzle Stock Number, Dimensions and Weights

Model No. Stock No. Orfice ID Length Net Wt. Pkg'd Wt.
1-1/4" Thread
CAM 4 x 1 01442 1/4" 3" 1 1.5 lb
CAM 4 x 3 01444 1/4" 3" 3 1.5 lb
CAM 5 x 1 01445 5/16" 3-1/8" 1 1.5 lb
CAM 5 x 3 01447 5/16" 3-1/8" 3 1.5 lb
CAM 6 x 1 01448 3/8" 2-3/4" 1 1.5 lb
CAM 6 x 3 01450 3/8" 2-3/4" 3 1.5 lb

Available Literature

21978 - Metal-Jacketed, Silicon Carbide-Lined
21979 - Urethane-Jacketed, Silicon Carbide-Lined
21986 - Metal-Jacketed, Tungsten Carbide-Lined
23414 - Rubber-Jacketed, Tungsten Carbide-Lined
24184 - Metal-Jacketed, Boron Carbide-Lined
24185 - Metal-Jacketed, Tungsten Carbide-Lined CT Series