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Britesphere Road Beads

Britesphere 247 Lite

Britesphere 247 Lite meets or exceed AASHTO 247 specification for pavement marking beads, plus have the added benefit of scoring well below the stringent new heavy metal limit proposed by Caltrans (California DOT) of 200 ppm and State of New Jersey arsenic limits of 75 ppm.

Britesphere 247 LITE

Britesphere 247 Lige Graph

The AASHTO 247 specification adheres to the following standards for testing:

ASTM Standards

D 75 Standard practice for sampling aggregates
D 1214 Test method of Sieve Analysis of Glass Spheres
D 1155 Test method for roundness of glass spheres
D 1213 Test method for Crushing Resistance of glass spheres
E 105 Standard practice for probability sampling of materials
E 1617 Standard practice for reporting particle size characterization data

Federal Standards

No 40, CFR 261.24 Maximum concentration of contaminants for toxicity characteristic

Advantages of Britesphere 247 Lite

  • Below 200 ppm for heavy metals
  • No characteristics of toxicity
  • Exceeds min. 75% roundness
  • All Britesphere road marking beads are available:
    • Non- coated
    • Silicone coated
    • Silane coated
    • Silicone/Silane (dual) coate
  • Refractive index ≥ 1.503
  • Consistent quality to guarantee excellent retro-reflective performance
  • All Britesphere Glass Beads for Road Marking paints are manufactured and tested according to ASTM Specifications


Colour: Colourless and transparent, no visible bubbles and impurities.
Density 2.4 – 2.6 g/cm3
Grain Shape Spherical bead, guaranteed 75% roundness, actual Average 85%
Refractive Index ≥ 1.50


  • 55 lb paper bags, 2200 lb (40 bags) Super Sacs
  • Custom screened and larger sizes available upon request.

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