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Foundry Products

Opta Minerals is a leading supplier of foundry products. Our broad range of foundry products include:

We feature Foundry Products from:

  • Foseco
  • Bentonite Performance Minerals and
  • Hill & Griffith

Dependable and reliable sourcing is assured throughout our Canadian and US locations.

All foundry products are subject to our rigorous certification and quality assurance program, to ensure consistent properties and exacting chemistries

Stock is maintained at various warehouse locations throughout North America

To order any of our products, simply contact Opta Minerals or a Opta Minerals distribution agent near you.

Foundry Sands

Mined and manufactured to the high standards of U.S. Silica's ISO 9001 Certified Quality System. Air sized and blended to meet the most demanding foundry specification. more...

Green Sand additives (Bentonite, Carbobond, Carsins, Premix 46)

Foundries use Bentonite when pouring metal cast molds. The clay withstands higher temperatures and the excessive heat will not cause the clay to lose its chemical structure. more...

Resin Coated Sands and Chemically Bonded Sands

Opta Minerals offers the North American foundry industry the most comprehensive range of products supported in three market segments:

  • Resins Systems for bonding sand;
  • Resin Coated Sand (RCS) for the shell process; and
  • Refractory Coatings. more...

Riser Sleeves, FLux and Metal Filters

Opta Minerals is the distributor for Foseco Foundry Products. Contact us today and let our experienced sales team help you find the right product to meet your foundry needs. more...


As the North American representative for a leading supplier of Chromite ore and sands in South Africa, Opta Mineral offers superior quality chromite sand to the steel, foundry and refractory industry. more...


Zircon Sand is a natural mineral and is mined in the USA. Stockpiles of Zircon Sand are maintained in order to assure consistent high quality and reliable supply of different grades for various industries. more...

Olivine Sand

Olivine Low Expansion Foundry Sand produces castings with closer dimensional control, better casting accuracy and smoother surface finish. These results are achievable due to Olivine’s unique combination of low uniform thermal expansion and high heat absorption. more...