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Increase your slag’s productivity rate

Increase Your ProductivityYour productivity rate is the measure of how much surface you cover over a certain period of time to achieve a desired substrate finish. It is generally expressed in Square Feet per Hour. According to this study (1) conducted in the early 1990’s, you should obtain at least a 114% improvement by switching from coal to copper slag.

Pressure Feed Rate Coal Slag Productivity Copper Slag Productivity Improvement
(PSI) Number of turns on the Thompson Valve (sq ft/hr) (sq ft/hr) %
80 *3-4* (1) 81.58 174.64 114%
100 4 86.19 192.63 123
120 4 76.08 179.33 136%
Coal=3, Copper=4

How much money could you save on your next job?
Contact us and we will gladly work the numbers with you. Simply provide us with your labour rate for blasting, and the surface size you need to cover.  We trust you will find the numbers economically irresistible.

How many more jobs could you land?

An increased productivity rate of over 100% should give you an undeniable competitive advantage. Contact us and we will work with you to help you to land more business.

(1) Study conducted by Dr. Bhaskar Kura, Ph. D. P.E., Associate Director of Maritime Environmental Resources & Information Center (MERIC) and Associate Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering University of New Orleans. Compressor of 120 PSI at nozzle, 600 lb pot, Schmidt feed valve, SP-10 Surface Finish. Each abrasive was tested 3 times at each of 3 PSIs and each of three feed rates (3,4, and 5 turns).