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Recycling - The Responsible Alternative

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Opta Minerals continues to build on a tradition of handling industrial products in a safe and responsible manner. Our company roots can be traced back to the early 1870’s when we were active in the processing and supplying of mineral based products for industrial markets. Our current site has been operational in the recycling materials business since the 1930’s. The evolution of our company included the environmentally responsible management of renewable resources. Opta Minerals is truly an environmental success story; the preservation of our environment is the very foundation we have built upon. We operate a modern recycling facility at our 32 acre site in Waterdown, Ontario in compliance with our unique recycling permit.

Let us profile your current by-product management. A successful partnership with Opta Minerals will improve your bottom line, limit your long-term liability, assist you in meeting government waste reduction targets and improve our environment.

A certificate of approval has been granted to Opta Minerals by the Ontario Ministry of Environment and covers the receiving, storage, and processing of non-hazardous solid industrial by-products as well as excess materials from site remediation projects.


  • 99.5% of material received is recycled
  • Receiving capacity of 5000 tones per day
  • Storage capacity of 75,000 tones
  • Processing capability of 2000 tones per day
  • Truck weigh scales up to 100 tones
  • Automated railcar unloading
  • Covered storage and processing
  • On site laboratory, pre-shipment analysis
  • 100% inspection of incoming materials
  • 24 hour security and telephone service
  • Site monitoring of air, ground and water


Recycling of By-products.

  • Foundry sand
  • Foundry slags
  • Dust collector fines
  • Spent abrasives
  • Minerals
  • Refractory
  • Alumina
  • Spent lime
  • Gypsum
  • Mill scale
  • Filter cake

Recycling of Excess Materials.

  • Selected contaminated soils
  • brick
  • slag
  • sand solid waste treatment site remediation.