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Magnesium Powders


  • Fireworks munitions
  • Used as heat sources for "ready-to-eat" meal pouches
Thixalloy Chips


Engineered chips of magnesium alloys are raw material molded through Thixo Molding Machinery into: power tools, cameras, laptops, medical equipment, cell phones, automotive parts etc.


  • Lower weight, high strength
  • Resistance to electromagnetic interference
  • Reduced porosity
  • Allows for thin walls
  • Allow for net-shape forming of parts
  • Combines die-casting and plastic injection Molding into one step


8 mesh 15%
10 to 14 mesh 80 % cumulative
18 mesh 5%

Ideal chip size: 1.5mm x 1.5mm x 5mm

Most Common Mg Alloys AZ91D, AM60, AM50.

Grignard Reagent


Grignard Reagents are used in pharmaceutical and petro chemical applications.

Custom Blends

Mechanical Blends of Magnesium granules can be custom produced in combination with other metals and alloys, such as Aluminum, Zinc, Titanium etc. for various industries and uses.


Magnesium Powders

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