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Rossborough (an Opta Minerals Company)

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Rossborough produces and distributes:

  • Magnesium for hot metal desulfurization in the steel industry to optimize sulfur control during steel making
  • A wide variety of other injectable blends and carriers for co-injection with magnesium
  • Various forms of magnesium for use in the Thixo-molding injection-molding process
  • Magnesium powder for all kind of applications such as in food and pharmaceutical products
  • Supply and installation of Desulfurization and Injection Systems to apply hot metal reagents in the steelmaking industry

Rossborough provides hot metal desulfurization reagents, engineered to meet our customers’ requirements and specifications in the following categories:

Magnesium co-inject

Rossborough carefully controls the sizing and composition of its magnesium co-inject reagents in order to provide reliable injection characteristics and dependable sulfur removal during hot metal desulfurization. 
In addition to reagent supply, Rossborough provides technical service for desulfurization stations and evaluates metallurgical process parameters, helping our customers achieve the most efficient hot metal desulfurization operating conditions.

Magnesium Blend

Rossborough blends metallic magnesium with lime, supplying customers with mono-injection facilities a reagent engineered to requirements specific to each hot metal desulfurization installation.

Lime-Spar Carriers

Rossborough is a producer of ultra-fine flow-treated lime-spar blends, for use as a carrier with magnesium co-injection.

XR Low Iron Loss Carriers

The XR low iron loss carriers provide our customers with magnesium co-injection carriers designed to reduce the Fe yield loss associated with hot metal desulfurization slag. 
Rossborough evaluates the operating conditions at each customer and tailors a reagent best suited for improving yield and reducing operating costs.

Calcium Carbide

Rossborough supplies finely-sized flow-treated calcium carbide for hot metal desulfurization.  Calcium carbide can be used as an alternative to magnesium, or as a carrier for magnesium co-injection. 

Rossborough can blend calcium carbide with volatiles and slag fluidizers specific to our customers’ requirements.


Rossborough has a state of the art production facility is in Walkerton, IN.

Safety Regulations and Measurements are in place to handle hazardous materials such as magnesium and calcium carbide. All Rossborough’s employees are trained on OSHA regulation and fire prevention.

For more information about our products and services please contact 330-659-3003, ext 202 or 209, Email:

Our Products

Reagents for Hot Metal Desulfurization:

Our Services

Rossborough, an Opta Minerals Company, is one of the leading producers or prime magnesium products. Over the years they have build an extensive experience in all areas of hot metal desulfurization for the steelmaking industry.

Continuous innovation in the area of magnesium technology and equipment has made Rossborough a reliable party for hot metal treatment.

We provide a variety of services, which can be implemented on a 24/7 basis in order to keep your business on schedule.

Our services include:

  • Design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of injection equipment
  • Developing turn-key installation projects of hot metal desulfurization stations
  • Offer of a variety of services from repair to maintenance of Desulfurization Equipment, Cored Wire Feeders and Hot Metal Lances
Desulphurzation Performance Evaluation
  • Reports
  • Evaluating Performance
  • Examining
  • Efficiency of Magnesium Injection
  • Conformance to Aims
  • Cost / Ton Cost / ton / Point of sulphur removal
  • Reshots Performance per aims, skim wgts, injection ratios
  • Overall cost impact with respect to reagent pricing


  • Cost savings for plant
  • Allows for unique window into process
  • Detail of process performance
  • A standard service with our reagent supply
Desulfurization Equipment
  • Maintenance, parts repairs and upgrades of dispensers and related equipment


  • Inventory control, preventative maintenance,
  • Process upgrades, proces monitoring
  • Daily process reports, lance inventories
Cored Wire Feeders
  • Maintenance, parts, repairs and installation of equipment, Programming Commissioning, training


  • Eleviates plant from daily or weekly concerns pertaining to wire feeder
  • Preventative maintenance and repair
Hot Metal Lances
  • Supply, inventory control and reporting of lance performance

For more information about our products and services please contact 330-659-3003, ext 202 or 209, Email: