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Steelmaking products

Since the founding of our company we sell industrial mineral product for the steelmaking industry.

Our division Opta Minerals (Milan) in Milan, MI is a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialty products for steelmaking. Learn more.

From our warehouses in Brantford and Waterdown, Ontario we sell a wide range of quality sands for a number of applications

  • Nozzle Sand
  • EBT Sand
  • Silica Sand
  • Rail Traction Sand
  • Sand for Ladle Additions

Nozzle Sand

Nozzle sand is used to fill in the ladle tap hole, either a slide gate nozzle or a rotary nozzle for tapping molten steel from a steelmaking ladle.

A tap hole is at the bottom of the ladle for tapping molten steel. Nozzle sand in a ladle tap hole is to prevent molten steel from solidifying within a nozzle slide gate or to the rotary nozzle.

The tap hope is charged with refractory nozzle sand before receiving molten steel. After molten steel is poured into the ladle, the nozzle sand is to prevent the molten metal from entering the tap hole opening. When the slide gate is opened the nozzle sand falls out freely, creating an opening by itself, or a free opening, through which the molten steel flows down.

The nozzle sand for a ladle tap hole valve is to ensures a high free opening ratio even during a high tapping temperature and long lead time process involving ladle refining.

In cases where molten steel needs to be processed at higher temperatures or for a long time in ladle for refining, to produce a high-grade steel, sintering of the nozzle sand itself may start, were the free opening very often fails.

When the molten steel comes in contact with air it affects the quality steel, therefore down grading the steel. Chromite sand having a higher melting point than silica sand is also used. Chromite sand by itself will sinter when molten steel is tapped, causing the free opening to fail, this is why chromite sand usually a blend with other refractory materials.

Graphite or other additives are added to help prevent sintering, and makes the nozzle sand less wettable by molten steel.

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