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Bitop L1 Series - Insulating Tundish-Flux

Insulating tundish fluxes formulated for use on aluminum or silicon killed steel grades. Our Bitop L series of insulating tundish fluxes will provide protection from re-oxidation and the potential for significant non-metallic inclusion absorption without contributing to refractory or ladle shroud erosion. These low density products combine superior flow ability with minimal fume or dust emissions for clean and efficient application

Opta Minerals (Milan) products have a well deserved reputation for:

  • High quality
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Reliability

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USage of Bitop L1 Series

Bitop L1 Series tundish fluxes are engineered for use on silicon or aluminum killed steels, and are formulated to provide cost effective thermal and atmospheric protection. Bitop L1 Series tundish fluxes are engineered for use on a wide range of steel grades and casting facilities ranging from billet, bloom, and traditional and thin slab casters.

Advantages of Bitop L1 Series

  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Protection from atmospheric re-oxidation
  • Cost effective
  • Long term workability


  • Form / Fill / Seal Bags
  • Bulk Bags or Pallet Boxes
  • Palletized and Shrink-wrapped

MSDS and Technical Data Sheets are available upon request